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Seeing Happiness

💟《Seeing Happiness》💟
A painter sat in his study and pondered for a long time, and finally he picked up a pen and wrote:

1. Last year, I had surgery due to a bone spur pressing on a nerve. This operation left me stuck in bed for days.
2. That same year, I turned 65 and had to leave the company I had worked for for 30 years, my favorite job.
3. In the same year, I experienced the pain of my mother's death.
4. In the same year, my son was seriously injured in a car accident. He had to lie in a hospital bed for days. A crashed car is a huge loss.

Finally he wrote: Alas! What a terrible year!

The writer wife walks into the study to find her pensive husband looking sad. She read the writing on the paper from his back, left the room silently, and after a while she returned with another piece of paper, which she placed next to her husband's manuscript.

It says:

1. Last year, I finally got rid of the bone spur that had been in pain for years.
2. In the same year, I was 65 years old, healthy and retired. Now, I can schedule my own time and create at my own leisure.
3. In the same year, my mother was 90 years old. She didn't depend on anyone and was not sick. She returned to heaven peacefully.
4. In the same year, God gave my son a new life. My car was wrecked, but my son survived without any disability.

Finally she wrote: Last year was a year of great grace from God!


1. The same event, two completely different viewpoints!
2. We are not grateful for happiness, but gratitude makes us happy.
3. There are always many people and things to be thankful for in life!
4. Don't look at what you don't have, but look at what you have.

When we are grateful for everything we have, we will see true happiness!


1. 去年,我因骨刺壓迫到神經而動了手術。這個手術讓我被困在床上好幾天。
2. 同年,我65 歲,不得不離開我工作了30年的公司,那是我最喜愛的工作。
3. 同年,我經歷了母親去世的傷痛。
4. 同年,我兒子因車禍受了重傷。他不得不在醫院的床上躺了好幾天。撞毀的汽車是一筆不小的損失。




1. 去年,我終於擺脫了讓我疼痛多年的骨刺。
2. 同年,我 65歲,身體健康,而且退休了。現在,我可以安排自己的時間,悠閒自在地創作。
3. 同年,我母親90歲,不依賴任何人,也沒有病痛,她安詳地回到天堂。
4. 同年,老天賜予我兒子新的生命。我的車被撞毀了,但我兒子活了下來,沒有造成任何殘疾。



1. 同樣一事件,兩個截然不同的觀點!
2. 我們並非因快樂而感恩,而是感恩使我們快樂。
3. 生活中總有許多值得感謝的人和事!
4. 不看自己所沒有的,而是要看自己所擁有的。