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Power of 9 – longevity tips


  • Move naturally.  “Do your own house and yard work, go up and down your stairs with your laundry, knead your own dough,” . “Incorporate more movement every hour.”
  • Know your purpose. “Take time to recognize your values, strengths, talents, passions and gifts,” . Reflect, and work on yourself.
  • Down shift. Relieve chronic stress by finding time each day to nap, meditate or pray.
  • The 80% rule. Cut 20 percent of your daily calories with proven healthy practices: eat a big breakfast, dine with your family, and begin each meal by expressing appreciation.
  • Plant slant. Eat mostly plant-based foods, and small portions of meat no more than twice a week.
  • Wine at 5. Drinkers live longer than non-drinkers.
  • Family first. Living in a loving, thriving family can add up to six years to your life. Work on a positive, committed relationship and stay close to your aging parents and grandparents.
  • Belong. “Those with the most social connectedness tend to live longer,” . Be part of a group of healthy-minded, supportive people.
  • Right tribe. Good friends have a positive effect on your longevity. Support them and adopt healthy behaviors together.

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